Is Publix Open on New Year’s Day 2022? and Publix New Year’s Eve Hours

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New Year is a time for a family reunion so that means you need to plan for the greatest party ever at your home or any other place of your choice. For that to happen you need snacks, decoration, liquor, and food and we think Publix would not disappoint you.

As a first-time visitor or regular one, if you are exploring the internet with the question “Is Publix open on a new year’s day”? Then this article would act as a lifesaver. We have curated all the details on Publix New Year day hours to keep you ahead of the game.

Is Publix Open on New Year’s Day?

The answer is a resounding yes, but with a limited number of hours. Hence you must know Publix hours on New Year’s Day 2022 so that you don’t come empty-handed with sad faces accompanying you. Publix stores that operate in Florida will open from 7 am and will close at 7 pm. These are Publix New Year’s eve hours that you should take note of for Florida stores.

Public New Year’s Eve Hours

Publix New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day hours will operate as normal. Hence visitors can shop at Publix from 7 am and continue till 9 pm. If you are doubtful about which stores are operating at specific timings, we recommend that you use their store locator feature available on their website. Please note that all Pharmacy stores will remain closed at all times during New Year’s Eve.

What Other Alternative Stores Are Open On New Year’s Eve?

Publix should always be your priority, but if there are certain things that you don’t find in Publix stores then exploring alternatives isn’t a bad option. Here is the list of some other option’s that will maim on New Year’s Eve

  1. Kroger: As per their latest announcement on their website, they will remain open during New Year’s Eve. Though we recommend giving a call to the store personally to confirm its hours of operation.
  2. Target: Target will remain open at its usual hours, but make sure you check their store timings before heading out.
  3. Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart will have no change in business hours.
  4. 7 eleven: Will be open to you 24 /7.
  5. Stop & Shop: The store will be open during its regular business hours. The pharmacy section will operate between 10 am to 2 pm.
  6. CVS: We recommend that you call ahead before visiting this store and they have reduced hours of operation during the New Year.


We have successfully answered the question “Is Publix open on New Year’s Day“. In addition, we have also suggested alternatives if you don’t get what you need at Publix. With the information provided, you could plan and make the year the best time of your life. Please leave your thoughts if you think that we have missed any point.

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